Northmoor Building Brokers and our building partners are committed to building quality homes that are eco-friendly and affordable.

We recommend the best and most effective environmental options suitable to your home and land. These considerations in the planning stages of your home will provide significant reductions in your ongoing expenses and reduce your environmental impact. Everybody wins.

All of our homes can utilise these options:

Passive energy design
We consider the positioning of the house, verandas and pergolas to maximise sun and shade combinations that effect for your land. This allows us to naturally boost the efficiency of heating and cooling.

Dry-line internal wall finish
No one wants to rattle around in a noisy cold house. This finish improves both thermal and acoustic performance and is standard in all our designs. **Available with selected homes**

Water efficient appliances
Water is such a scarce resource and efficient toilets and showers help keep usage under control, particularly for families.

Comfort plus and double glazing options
We all love the look of windows overlooking gardens and courtyards or opening to majestic views, but windows bring the heat in summer and let the heat escape on a cold day. If you want maximum benefit from heating and cooling systems and want to reduce their use, double glazing can be part of the solution. **Available as an upgrade option**

Energy efficient cooling/heating
We will think carefully about the types of systems you need, the spaces, the controls and the level of comfort you want for the home.

Lighting (new low energy LED)
Advances in lighting in the last few years offer fabulous opportunities to save money and they look fantastic. All of our homes can be fitted with LED Lighting as an upgrade. We will also consider the positioning of LED lights in your home to enhance their effectiveness. **Available as an upgrade option**

Along with site positioning and shade, ventilation is one of the most important cooling systems you can have, ventilation is particularly important in our climate of hot days with evening respite from the doctor breeze. Take unwanted dampness, odours and heat out of your home with efficient ventilation in strategic locations. Talk to us about the suitability of roof ventilators too.

Ceiling fans
These are a must for modern homes. Fans provide simple effective distribution of temperature throughout the house. Fantastic to support air conditioning and heating systems, reducing wastage. **Available as an upgrade option**

Rain water tank options
Big space, little space. Above ground, underground or bladder designs can be fit into unusual spaces. There are also opportunities to utilise rainwater for plumbing. Rainwater usage ensures green spaces stay green during water restrictions and may be extra source of water during droughts. There are also opportunities to utilise rainwater for plumbing. **Available as an upgrade option**

Solar hot water options
Solar hot water and energy efficient appliances save you running costs and you know you can feel good helping the environment. **Available as an upgrade option**

Solar Power and Battery Storage Options
The world is changing rapidly and battery storage for photovoltaic systems is a reality that is becoming more and more affordable. Discuss the options with us and explore potential savings and energy security over the longer term. **Available as an upgrade option**

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