Fortune Bridge

Linking the wealth in the Asia-Pacific region with high quality WA projects.

With over 20 years’ combined experience in the construction and property industry, we conduct project marketing and capital fundraising for property developments throughout Western Australia.

Northmoor Building Brokers uses our decades of experience in both Australia and China to link the wealth in the Asia-Pacific region to Western Australian property projects.

Capital Raising

Through innovative capital raising initiatives, Northmoor Building Brokers connects high-quality property development projects throughout Western Australia with local and international investors.

The property industry is complex and the expenses involved with development are high. That’s why Building Broker WA works closely with all of the relevant professionals, including:

•    Lawyers
•    Accountants, and
•    Migration agents

This ensures that we can make sure you’re seizing the greatest market opportunities possible, minimizing the risk involved in projects, and receiving investor-backed support from the best-suited private and institutional investors. By implementing our capital raising initiatives in tandem with our project marketing, we can make sure that your property projects are financially beneficial for both you and your investors. It’s a win-win.

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